"Time Teleportation I"
Season 1, Episode 6
Episode: 6
Airdate: March 29, 2013
Writer(s): KM
Storyboards by: KM
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"Time Teleportation I" is the sixth episode of season one in the animated television series The Book of John. In the episode, John the Marksman goes to the future.


NAOA (National Association of Assholes) were constructing a time mechanism and they needed a diminutive amount of candidates for their experiments, the Beetle Bugle reported. There was a mob of people at the NAOA headquarters, and John the Marksman needed directions to the closest Burger King so he started asking random people. However, he was unknowingly chosen as one of the applicants for the experiments. John was completely befuddled and spontaneously shot his pistol in the air, making everyone run away in fright. John then confronted one of the NAOA employers before the police came. John had then realized he had been chosen to experiment with their time mechanism, which he honestly gave 0 fucks about, but this was his opportunity to assassinate Wight Serpremasist, the founder of the NAOA.

The next day, all the candidates for the trials appeared at the NAOA headquarters, including John. After a brief greeting, the guide began to direct the candidates through the headquarters for a small tour. This was John's chance to slip away, so he broke one of the vents and continued his assignment. Eventually, John was able to acquire one of the employee's outfits by beating him in a game of chess. John, now disguised, was able to locate Wight Serpremasist, who was in the main vestibule with the rest of the candidates. John couldn't risk the chance of killing Wight in the middle of an audience, so he waited until the trials were done. However, they had been hoaxed, and after one failed experiment, the rest of the candidates were declared useless and murdered. This enraged John so he took out his gun and began to shoot, and he was able to murder most of Wight's bodyguards. However, he had run out of ammo for his pistol. Wight, a powerful and muscular man, then engaged in a fistfight with John. John was brutally beaten, and had his face slammed against the launch button for the time mechanism. Coincidentally, John was electrocuted and pushed back into the time mechanism, somehow rearranging his molecules and his genetic material while sending him back into a haphazard epoch.

Hours later, John awoke in a graveyard lying on top of a tomb. John already noticed the burgundy unhygienic sky and the lewd streets filled with impassive people and, upon looking at the tomb, the deceased body in the grave was Bagel, an old acquaintance of John's. After exploring the foreign municipality, John realized he was in Fort Pooda and he tried to revisit his old apartment on 120 Knowledge Street. However, his apartment had been turned into a secluded citadel. After trying to get into his own apartment-turned-citadel, John was immediately arrested on the scene.

Time Teleportation I is to be continued

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